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Hello! I'm a media professional who loves design and photography. I recently began the front-end web development techdegree at Treehouse and I'm thrilled to be learning so much about code.


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Marketing Page

This project shows the front page of a marketing website meant for a specific business I'm interested in.

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Search Page

This project searches through a specific database to find information that the user is trying to look up.

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Travel App

This project compares travel times based on different transportation methods and tells you the best one.

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Someone can enter in the numbers they want, and press the big blue button and get the result.

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Photo Gallery

This project shows pictures from a recent trip to the viewer and allows them to easily navigate through photos.

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Map of Favorite Spots

This project uses mapping apis to plot points for my favorite spots in the city for a do-it-yourself walking tour.

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Media Player

This project shows how dynamic media players can make your site more interactive.

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Video on Demand

This project shows how a video on demand specific site can be used in distant education.

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This project uses a online registration form that allows users to sign up for a site's newsletter.

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Landing Page

This project shows the intial page users will see or land on before navigating to the rest of site.

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This project shows a basic layout for a entertainment blog site.

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Contact Form

This project uses an interactive contact form that users can use to contact the site's handlers.







If you're interested in chatting or want more information about what I've been working on, get in touch!

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